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    As the top Scarborough dental group, Havenview Dental Centre is ready to approach your case with kind and compassionate care and the highest technical ability.

    We know that many of our patients can feel some anxiety ahead of visiting the clinic. We provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere to ensure that you are comfortable from the moment you walk in the door to when you leave with a healthy and beautiful smile. With a complete lineup of services available from our Scarborough dental group, you can find treatments ranging from comprehensive oral examination to dental crowns, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants.

    Whether you seek to treat sleep apnea with a customized oral appliance or need whitening and hygiene therapy for a flawless smile and the confidence it brings, we are ready to provide the best service.

    Do you Need Emergency Care?

    A dental emergency should never be ignored. Seeking immediate treatment will provide the best outcome with our Scarborough dental group.

    You may need emergency dental care if you’ve had an accident or if you are suddenly experiencing pain or discomfort. Dr. Samson Lee and Dr. Anthony J. Eng provide patient-focused care with solutions that are designed to treat the emergency while providing positive long-term outcomes.

    We are the best Scarborough dental group for emergency care. Call us now at (416) 291-3117 for any of your emergency dental issues.

    • Dental Trauma – A tooth that has been cracked, broken, or lost due to trauma requires immediate care and the skillful attention of our experienced Scarborough dental group. We can save or restore your smile.
    • Tooth Pain – Persistent tooth pain should be referred to our clinic. It can indicate an underlying problem and the sooner you have it treated, the better the outcome will be. Sudden tooth pain could indicate that emergency dental care is needed. Sensitivity, infection, damage, loose fillings, and decay are all common causes of tooth pain. Request an appointment with our team to treat tooth pain today.
    • Swollen and Bleeding Gums – Periodontal disease can cause swollen and bleeding gums. Infections and even foreign materials lodged below the gum line can also cause pain, discomfort, and bleeding.

    We are standing by to offer emergency care for you and your family with the best dentists in Scarborough.

    It’s Time to Book an Appointment with Havenview Dental Centre

    If you don’t have a dental emergency that requires immediate attention, you can schedule a regular appointment with our Scarborough dental group.

    Our comprehensive dental services can keep you and your family smiling with healthy teeth and gums.

    Request an appointment today for:

    • Oral Examination.
    • Dental Crowns.
    • Dental Bonding.
    • Cosmetic Dentistry.
    • Dental Implants.
    • Dental Bridges.
    • Family Dentistry.
    • Invisalign Aligners.
    • Mouth Guards.
    • Night Guards.
    • Porcelain Veneers.
    • Root Canals.
    • Sleep Apnea Appliances.
    • Flawless White Fillings.
    • Whitening and Hygiene Therapy.

    It’s simple to request an appointment. Leave your details in the convenient form and we will be in contact to schedule a visit at a time that is convenient for you.

    Benefit From the Care of a Respected Scarborough Dental Group

    For routine oral examinations, it’s recommended that you request an appointment at least once each year. If you have previous dental issues, bi-yearly appointments may be necessary. In your consultation, we’ll develop a comprehensive treatment plan and provide a timeline for future checkups.

    You’ll enjoy significant benefits when regularly visiting our dental clinic:

    • With comprehensive oral examinations, you’ll stay on top of the early signs of tooth decay.
    • Treatment with our hygienist can prevent the accumulation of plaque and gum problems.
    • The underlying cause of bad breath can be identified and treated.
    • Inflammed and occasionally bleeding gums can be treated at Havenview Dental Centre.
    • If you suffer from a dry mouth, we’ll identify the cause and treat it to limit bacteria and potential future problems.
    • The risk of developing periodontal disease increases with age. We can prevent the development of this common condition or provide early diagnosis and treatment.
    • Issues like cavities, cracked or damaged teeth, and other problems are all treated at our clinic.

    The best dental care will protect your smile. With dental implants, bridges, and crowns you can treat tooth loss and decay. We offer a range of cosmetic treatments from whitening to beautiful porcelain veneers. A healthy smile brings confidence and prevents long-term oral health issues. Havenview Dental Centre is the best Scarborough dental group for everything from routine care to complex restorations. With our attention to detail and compassionate chairside manner, you’ll be at ease no matter how severe the case is. Request your appointment with Havenview Dental Centre today and find out why locals in Scarborough and nearby areas trust us for all of their dental care needs.

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