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Author: Dr. Samson Lee, D.D.S.

Date: June 28th, 2021

Dentistry on Sheppard – Finding the Right Fit for Your Family

Sheppard Ave East is one of Ontario’s most important arterial routes, providing access to areas like Pickering and Scarborough City Centre. More than just an alternative to the 401 Express that it runs parallel to, Sheppard Ave provides access to some of the highest quality dentists in the region.

From Havenview Dental Centre to other local providers, patients have choices when looking for a dental care centre in Scarborough.

Finding the right dentistry on Sheppard Ave is more than just a matter of location and convenience. The best clinic for your needs will be the one that provides all of the services that you need with skilled and compassionate care.

How to Tell if You’ve Found the Best Dentistry on Sheppard Ave

Havenview Dental Centre provides world-class dentistry on Sheppard Ave, and we can offer comprehensive services with the right care for you.

There are many techniques you can apply to find the best dentist in Scarborough town centre:

  • Ask for recommendations. If you’re in the area then chances are that a friend or family member has had experience with a dentist in Scarborough town centre. First-hand testimonials can go a long way to give you confidence in your choice.
  • Check online. Beyond online reviews, you can research your intended provider of dentistry on Sheppard Ave to see if they offer the services that you need. Not every clinic can offer a full range of cosmetic, orthodontic, restorative, and general dentistry.
  • Call the clinic and talk to them, or, better yet, book an appointment. If you want the best dentistry on Sheppard Ave, you’ll need to get to know the dentist. We provide consultations six days a week at Havenview Dental Centre and it’s easy to book an appointment with our online form.
  • Consider the office hours. Your dentist should be available at a time that works for you. Havenview Dental Care Centre in Scarborough is open Monday to Saturday.
  • Cost and Payments. If you have dental insurance, will it cover the dentist close to you? Are payment plans available? Are credit cards accepted? These are important questions to ask when evaluating a dentist in Scarborough town centre.

Of course, communication and the quality of work provided are key and these are things that you can only evaluate once you visit a dentist in Scarborough town centre.

We are happy to provide services for you and your family and are sure we can fit your needs, address your concerns, and provide the best care.

Services Offered by the Best Dental Care Centre in Scarborough

Havenview Dental Care Centre in Scarborough is the best option for all of your dental needs. Both Dr. Lee and Dr. Eng have more than two decades of experience in sleep apnea treatment, orthodontics, endodontics, implants, cosmetic dentistry, and general dentistry.

At Havenview Dental Care Centre in Scarborough, we provide treatments ranging from fillings to crowns and implants, veneers to teeth whitening, and root canals to realignment with Invisalign. Whether you want to improve your smile with porcelain veneers or restore damaged or missing teeth, we bring expertise and compassionate care to offer the best solutions.

Choose Havenview Dental Care Centre in Scarborough for the most advanced dentistry on Sheppard Ave that will leave you with a beautifully healthy smile.

Your Local Dentist near to Scarborough Town Centre

Just minutes from the city centre, the 401 express, and conveniently located on Sheppard Ave East, Havenview Dental Centre is your local dentist near to Scarborough Town Centre.

For the best dentistry on Sheppard Ave with a passionate team dedicated to providing the best long-term outcomes, book your appointment with Dr. Samson Lee or Dr. Anthony J. Eng tod

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