Comprehensive Oral Examinations in Scarborough


Maintaining your optimal oral health takes more than just treating dental problems as they arise. Your first step toward healthy teeth is a comprehensive dental exam, which is more detailed and thorough than a routine checkup. Our friendly team at Havenview Dental will carefully examine all areas of your mouth. This will enable us to figure out your dental care needs, and to put together recommendations for your long-term oral health.

What a Comprehensive Oral Exam Includes

This type of exam includes evaluation of your teeth, gums, bite, jaw joints and the soft tissues of your cheeks and tongue. During the process, the qualified practitioners at our dental office in Scarborough will examine your individual teeth and their surfaces for any signs of decay, cracks or other problems.

We also check the bone around your teeth for any signs of periodontal disease, as well as your salivary gland and the overall appearance of your teeth and face. If we find any problems, we will give you our recommendation for treatment. If any fillings or other procedures are needed, we may need to schedule a second appointment to handle these.

X-Rays and Oral Cancer Screening

A comprehensive exam at our dental office in Scarborough also includes a fluoride treatment, intra-oral photographs, digital x-rays and oral cancer screening. The X-rays can help us to:

  • find signs of decay
  • spot indications of tumors, cysts and bone loss
  • provide an in-depth look at your mouth structure
  • determine the positions of your teeth and roots.

Oral cancer screening uses a quick and painless way to look for signs of cancer using a special blue light and a moderately acidic mouth rinse to show up abnormal tissues. When oral cancers are detected early and treated there is a 90% chance of a cure, so it’s a worthwhile exercise for every patient. Although oral cancer screenings might seem unnecessary, it’s important to note that more than 50,000 adults are diagnosed with oral or oropharyngeal cancer every year.

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Regular examination will ensure that your teeth and mouth stay healthy. Problems can be addressed in their early stages, eliminating the need for costly and complex procedures later on. Preventative dental treatments and early detection will help to preserve your smile and your confidence for a lifetime.

We offer a complete range of examinations, cosmetic dentistry, regenerative dentistry, and restorative procedures. Contact Havenview Dental today and experience the difference with the most trusted dental office Scarborough has to offer.

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How Often Should You Have a Comprehensive Dental Exam?

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that you have a full examination done every 3 to 5 years. If you and your dentist are planning major dental work at any time between exams, however, it’s wise to do a full exam then too. Types of procedures that qualify as major dental work include orthodontic treatments, dental implants, or new or replacement dentures. If you’ve been diagnosed with a new medical condition, it’s also a good time for a full dental exam at our dental office in Scarborough.

Regular Dental Checkups

It’s also important to have regular dental checkups twice a year, during which your dentist will examine your teeth and gums for any changes in your oral health. These checkups usually take around 20 minutes and look at the highlights of your dental situation. A routine checkup might include a professional tooth cleaning, while a comprehensive oral exam usually doesn’t include it. If your dentist identifies the need any other dental procedures during your checkup, he or she will ask you to schedule a new appointment for those to be done.

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