Dental Bridges in Scarborough


When you have gaps between your teeth caused by extraction, injury or other tooth loss, your other teeth may start to move sideways into the spaces provided by the gaps. Unless you fill those gaps with some form of artificial tooth, your natural teeth can get loose when this happens and eventually fall out. Dental bridges are one of the ways the best dentist in Scarborough can help you support your mouth’s structure and avoid future problems.

What Are Dental Bridges

A bridge is a permanent, custom-made device that spans gaps where you have lost teeth. It stays in place by being connected either to dental implants, or to the teeth on either side of the gap. The artificial teeth that support your mouth are fastened to the bridge, so they don’t need to be taken out of your mouth for any reason. You can choose between several different types of material for a bridge, but porcelain matches your other natural teeth best.

Reasons to Get a Dental Bridge

The biggest reason to get a dental bridge is to save the other teeth surrounding a gap. If you don’t support the bone and tissue properly, a number of things can happen:

  • The teeth opposite the gap might overgrow into the space, leaving you with a couple of extra-long teeth.
  • Where the teeth are missing, your jaw bone might shrink.
  • If the jaw gets out of alignment, it can affect your bite and put more stress on your teeth and the joints of your jaw.
  • The stress can cause you pain, as well as causing some of your teeth to fracture or chip.

Any of these problems increases your risk of developing tooth decay or gum disease, which can affect your overall health. You can see there are a lot of reasons to replace missing teeth, and the best dentist in Scarborough can fit you with a dental bridge that does so.

Getting Fitted with a Dental Bridge

Your dentist will first prepare your mouth by deciding whether to mount your bridge on existing teeth or implants. If he recommends existing teeth, these have to be prepared to accept the appliance. He will take impressions of the teeth and send them to a trusted dental laboratory technician, who will take approximately two weeks to make the bridge with artificial teeth on it. On your return, the best dentist in Scarborough will fit it into your mouth, check your bite, and, when it’s correct, cement the bridge to your teeth on either side.

Your Choice of Dental Professional Matters

Choosing the best dentist in Scarborough will ensure you get the best outcome when having dental bridges or any other procedure. Experienced dentists take the time to understand your unique needs and your goals.

Havenview Dental has the most experienced staff to provide long-lasting dental bridges in Scarborough. We build rapport with every patient. We want you to feel comfortable, which begins with our initial consultation and chairside approach. We explain procedures in detail in a way that you can easily understand. If you have questions or concerns, we take the time to address these before the procedure begins.

By being communicative and transparent, you’ll feel better about any procedure you choose to have with the best dentist in Scarborough.

You and your family deserve the best dentist in Scarborough. Trust Havenview Dental for dental bridges, cosmetic procedures, restorative procedures, or any other dental concerns.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Getting accustomed to your new bridge should only take you a few days to a week, during which time you should stick to eating softer foods. After a week, you will be able to speak easily, smile with confidence, and go back to eating all your favourite foods. Additional benefits of a dental bridge are:

  • It restores your smile and confidence
  • You can bite, chew and speak properly again
  • It supports the shape of your face
  • It keeps your bite aligned and working well
  • It prevents your remaining teeth from drifting out of position or getting loose.

In general, a dental bridge improves your appearance and help you to stay healthy, while being fairly quick and painless to get. You won’t have to have major surgery or wear loose, unsightly partial dentures that don’t match your own teeth.

If you want to find out more about getting a dental bridge, the best dentist in Scarborough is available to meet with you and provide recommendations. Please contact us at (416) 291-3117 to schedule an appointment.