Family Dentistry in Scarborough

At our family dentist in Scarborough, we provide oral care and dental services for patients of all ages. Whether you need a checkup, teeth-cleaning, fillings or extractions, a pediatric dentist or endodontic treatment, a family dentistry practitioner can address all your requirements.

We provide complete, comprehensive dental care to every member of your family, and believe that teaching children early about oral hygiene can help them to preserve a healthy, beautiful smile for life. Some of the services provided under Family Dentistry include:

General Oral Examinations

Regular dental visits are an important factor in your oral care because they help to keep your teeth and gums healthy. During a check-up, our family dentist in Scarborough will examine all areas of your mouth, teeth and gums for any problems.

We’ll take X-rays if necessary to ensure there’s nothing happening under the gum tissue that we’re not aware of. You’ll get a full review and recommendations for any issues we identify, so you can prevent them from escalating into problems.

These checkups help to protect you from cavities, tooth loss and expensive dental emergencies, and to maintain good oral health for as long as possible.

Dental Hygiene Therapy

At our family dentist in Scarborough we believe that having your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year is important to maintain healthy teeth and gums. During a dental hygiene consultation, our hygienist will review your medical and dental history with you for any issues that might affect your dental hygiene.

He or she will examine you and make suggestions for the care you need. They will do scaling and planing of your teeth using special instruments to get the plaque and calculus off the surface areas, polish your teeth and give you a fluoride treatment to strengthen them if you need it. Detecting and treating these problems early can help you prevent conditions like stroke, heart disease or oral cancer.


Fillings are an important aspect of family dentistry. Cavities and chips can occur in both children and adults. During your comprehensive examination and hygiene therapy, our team will try to determine the cause of repeated chips or frequent cavities. 

We will do simple fillings at the time of discovery, or schedule future appointments to have any complex repairs done later. Our family dentist in Scarborough offers tooth-coloured fillings that are less noticeable to repair any decayed or damaged teeth. 

Children’s Dentistry

Your children deserve the very best in oral health care, and we’re here to give it to them. Infants, children and teens have very specific dental needs, as do people with special needs. We recommend your child sees a dentist for an oral examination by the age of one year, or when the first tooth erupts. At this first visit, we examine the child’s mouth carefully to see if everything is on track for developing properly.

We’ll provide you with helpful information on how to care for your children’s teeth correctly, and recommend steps you should take at future dates to combat any issues that might arise. When your little one needs a tooth filled or extracted, we’re here to provide treatment in a calm and caring environment.

To make an appointment with our family dentist in Scarborough, please contact (416) 291-3117. We look forward to meeting you.

Choose the Best Family Dentist Scarborough has for Comprehensive Care

Our complete dental care services are designed for everyone in your home. Choosing a family dentist in Scarborough will allow for better care, no matter who is sitting in the chair.

Over time, we will develop a deep understanding of the unique needs of your family. When you bring children for regular dental services, we will have a greater understanding of their oral health and history. This can help to guide future procedures, as our experts will know exactly where to start with care.

Most importantly, you and your children will feel more comfortable when you choose Havenview Dental as your family dentist in Scarborough. A familiar environment and friendly faces will put you at ease whether you are having a routine examination and cleaning, or complex procedures like dental crowns and implantation.

We always put your needs first and will recommend the procedures that best suit your family. Talk to the best family dentist Scarborough has today. Call Havenview Dental to book your appointment and enjoy the friendly and personalized care of a specialist family dentist.