Hygiene Therapy in Scarborough

Keeping up with a regular dental hygiene program is vital for maintaining good oral health. Our team of hygienists works closely with our Scarborough dentists to not only keep your teeth clean, but to ensure your gums stay healthy too.

Customized Hygiene Therapy

At Havenview Dental Centre, we take a preventative approach to helping you treat oral conditions and maintain a healthy smile. We start by thoroughly examining your teeth and gums to detect oral diseases and conditions early. The examination is followed by the development of a customized hygiene treatment plan, which includes prophylactic dental cleaning, deep cleaning, and personalized at-home care.

Phase 1 - The Examination

Your customized plan begins with a comprehensive oral examination to discover the condition of your teeth and gums. We’ll take digital X-rays to see the position of your teeth and roots, check the bone and gums for any indications of disease, and examine the teeth for signs of decay or other problems. Our Scarborough dentists will carry out oral cancer screening and give you their recommendations for ongoing care.

Phase 2 – Deep Cleaning

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy requires a deep cleaning every 2 to 3 years. This method of cleaning includes periodontal scaling and root planing (SRP), during which the hygienist removes the built-up tartar from your teeth. He or she loosens the tartar using a specialized ultrasonic tool, then sprays your mouth with water to rinse the debris away.

Individual teeth are treated with a handheld scaler to clean each surface carefully. Your teeth are polished with a soft rubber cup and an abrasive toothpaste, which smooths the surface and prepares the tooth to receive a concentrated fluoride treatment. The entire process is pain-free and takes around 60 minutes in our Scarborough dentists office. 

Phase 3 – Home Care

After the deep cleaning procedure, you’ll get home care instructions based on your individual needs. In addition to daily brushing and flossing, these could include:

  • Using a specialized toothpaste or mouth rinse with particular properties
  • Kits for doing fluoride treatments at home
  • Tooth-whitening trays and products to maintain the brightness of your smile
  • A follow-up appointment 4 to 6 weeks later
  • Regular professional cleanings at recommended intervals
  • Twice-yearly checkups by our Scarborough dentists to review any potential problem areas.

All of these are important factors in avoiding gingivitis, cavities and periodontal disease, and for maintaining the quality of your dental health.

Smile More With Hygiene Therapy from the Best Scarborough Dentists

Dental hygiene is essential for a bright and healthy smile. Only home care is never enough. Regular sessions with your Scarborough dentists will help to cover the areas of dental hygiene that aren’t possible to do at home. You can also look at hygiene therapy as a form of preventative care. Scarborough dentists at Havenview Dental will let you know when problems might be developing in your gums or teeth. We’ll be able to address these problems early, preventing complications, complex procedures, and unnecessary costs. Trust our team of Scarborough dentists for a healthier mouth and teeth.

Your dental hygienist will also be able to give you tips and feedback on your brushing and flossing at home. Changes in your technique could help you to take better care of your teeth over time.

Your whole family deserves to have pain-free and healthy smiles for a lifetime. Whether for children or adults, you can visit the best Scarborough dentists for hygiene therapy today.

Benefits of Hygiene Therapy

A customized hygiene therapy plan has multiple benefits. It rids your teeth of unsightly stains, keeps your smile looking fresh and healthy and boosts your self-confidence. Regular attention prevents the development of any serious dental conditions and enables you to catch and treat potential problems early, saving you pain and suffering as well as time and money. You’ll enjoy fresher breath and better overall wellness as a result of keeping your oral health in tip-top condition.

To find out more about our hygiene therapy program or to schedule your appointment with our Scarborough dentists, please call (416) 291-3117.