Invisalign in Scarborough

If you’re under the impression that only children and teens need orthodontic treatment, you’re mistaken. Many people never had the opportunity to get their teeth straightened, but once you reach adulthood it’s not too late. Teeth that aren’t properly aligned are harder to clean, which increases your risk for gum disease and tooth loss. Crooked, unsightly teeth can harm your confidence and self-image, and can cause difficulties with biting, chewing and speaking. Fortunately, braces aren’t the only option for tooth-straightening, and getting fitted with Invisalign in our Scarborough clinic offers you an ideal solution for this problem.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a type of removable clear aligner that is custom-made to fit over your teeth. Wearing it applies pressure to the teeth, moving them gradually and gently into an improved position. The aligners are manufactured from molds of your mouth and, over time, they cause them to shift in the same way as traditional braces do.

Invisalign vs. Braces 

These clear aligners differ slightly from the way regular metal braces work. They are based on the same idea of causing tension to achieve results, but instead of archwires and brackets attached to the teeth with elastic ties, they look like the retainers worn after treatment with braces. Where braces are made from metal, ceramic or a composite material, the aligners are clear, transparent plastic that is thinner than 1 mm.

Choosing Invisalign Treatment

Your first step in choosing Invisalign treatment at our Scarborough clinic involves consulting with our qualified dentists to find out if you’re a good candidate for this treatment. If you are, our team will take x-rays of your mouth and teeth along with photographs and dental impressions. These will help us to develop a custom treatment plan and a blueprint of how your teeth will look by the end of the treatment, which usually lasts for about a year.

What’s Involved

Once your new aligners have been delivered, you’ll start wearing them for between 20 and 22 hours a day except when you’re eating and brushing your teeth. They are easy to take out and clean, and nobody will realize you’re wearing them. Every two weeks you’ll change to a new set, designed to gradually keep up the pressure on your teeth to move into position. Overall, you’ll need between 10 and 20 sets depending on the extent of the alignment you need.

Is Invisalign in Scarborough More Effective Than Braces?

Invisalign in Scarborough is available at Havenview Dental and is an effective treatment for misaligned teeth. More than eight million people around the world have received effective Invisalign treatment as of today.

Our Invisalign in Scarborough can effectively straighten teeth to align the bite, improve comfort, and reduce jaw pain and headaches. While efficient in most cases, however, Invisalign in Scarborough isn’t always the best solution. Traditional braces are still recommended for cases where misalignment is extreme. We will discuss your options with you to determine the best treatment depending on your unique case.

Invisalign in Scarborough is typically suited to mild or moderate misalignment that can be corrected incrementally. Results are often seen in as little as six months. Costs are sometimes lower than traditional braces, but this ranges from case to case. Invisalign is usually comparable in cost to braces.

To find out if the best Invisalign Scarborough has to offer is right for you, contact Havenview Dental today.

Invisalign Benefits

Treatment with these clear aligners offers multiple benefits over traditional orthodontic braces. They are virtually invisible, which means you can wear them in any situation without others knowing you’re having treatment. They are easily removable, so you can go without wearing them for a special occasion without it affecting your treatment.

Invisalign improves your tooth alignment sooner, because by changing aligners every week or two the progress is faster than with traditional braces. Invisalign Scarborough patients who are ready to take the necessary steps to restore their smile should schedule an appointment at their earliest convenience to discuss their options.

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