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Porcelain Veneers

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Porcelain Veneers in Scarborough

Porcelain veneers are super-thin, tooth-coloured shells that are custom-made to fit your teeth and correct any problems you have. Whether your teeth are discoloured from food and drink, medications, or former fillings and procedures, veneers will help to cover the unsightly appearance and improve your smile. Composite or porcelain veneers for Scarborough patients are the ideal solution for teeth that are worn down, chipped, broken, badly-shaped, uneven, or have gaps between them.

How Porcelain Veneers Work

How Porcelain Veneers Work

Your dentist removes a tiny bit of enamel from the problem teeth to make space for the veneers. He or she then takes an impression of the teeth in question, which is sent to a dental laboratory for fabrication. This usually takes several days or a couple of weeks, so it’s best to schedule another appointment for fitting. The veneers are placed over the prepared teeth and bonded using dental cement.

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Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

The material used to make these veneers is very durable, and resistant to chipping and staining. This gives porcelain veneers the ability to last for a very long time, provided you take care of the teeth they cover. Our dentists can enhance your smile easily with porcelain veneers in Scarborough and even fix minor spacing issues like gaps between the teeth. Patients choose between a wide range of colours, and because the veneers are manufactured professionally they are crafted to fit your mouth perfectly.

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

How Much do Porcelain Veneers Cost?

Porcelain veneers cost more than the composite resin veneers do, and is a worthwhile investment. To get an accurate cost estimate for your porcelain veneers, our dentist in Scarborough will need to examine your teeth and determine the number of veneers you need.

Porcelain veneers in Scarborough start at around $1,500 per tooth, depending on the choices you make. A detailed dental quotation should also include the cost for preparation, which will depend on whether you need X-rays, fillings or other care before fitting the veneers.

If you have dental insurance, you should submit your quotation to the insurance company to find out what percentage they cover before you go ahead.

Caring for Porcelain Veneers

Taking care of your sparkling new porcelain veneers is as easy as caring for your natural teeth. Simply brush your teeth at least twice a day, and preferably after every meal. Floss daily or after every brushing, and rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash once or twice during each 24-hour period. Don’t be afraid to brush or floss hard, porcelain veneers can handle the pressure. As long as you use a non-abrasive toothpaste and a toothbrush with soft bristles, you can treat them exactly like the rest of your teeth.


How Long Do Porcelain Veneers Last?

The best porcelain veneers Scarborough has can be found at Havenview Dental and we can effectively restore your smile at a relatively low cost and without major surgery. Cosmetically, veneers are almost indistinguishable from natural teeth. They are also strong and resilient to everyday damage. In most cases, you can expect your porcelain veneers to last at least 10 years with proper care.

To get the best results, veneers need to be perfectly shaped to match your teeth. Because they adhere to the shape of your existing teeth, getting the initial impression right is essential. That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable dentist in Scarborough. The team at Havenview Dental has the experience and reputation to inspire confidence in your new veneers.

Book your consultation today for long-lasting porcelain veneers in Scarborough that give you confidence and a beautiful smile.


Composite Veneers

We also supply veneers made from composite resin, which are cheaper and quicker to fit. Composite veneers are sculpted on your teeth, rather than being made in a separate facility. The resin is hardened with a high-intensity light and once shaping is finished, it’s polished to have a more natural, tooth-like appearance. The process is much faster and less invasive than porcelain veneers, but they typically only last between 5 and 7 years before needing to be redone.

For more information on getting composite or porcelain veneers in Scarborough, please schedule an appointment to discuss your needs by calling us at (416) 291-3117.

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Many of our patients come from other dentists. They have moved to Scarborough from out of town or even from another province or outside of Canada. Many ask can my new cosmetic dentist near me get access to my medical records?

The answer to this is yes. With your authorization, we can request your medical records from your previous clinic or even from international healthcare providers using the information that you provide.

No matter where your previous dentist was, let us know in advance and we can take care of the rest. As one of the leading cosmetic dentists in Scarborough, we make it a priority to learn about every patient’s history. You’ll receive expert care with your medical history considered when you choose one of the best cosmetic dentists in Scarborough, as regarded by our patients

Some patients ask if visits to a cosmetic dentist near me can also protect oral health. Cosmetic dentistry in Scarborough is about creating a flawless esthetic that brings confidence. It can also protect your smile.

Let’s consider some of the ways that cosmetic dentistry in Scarborough can protect your dental health:

  • Aligning your bite with a treatment like Invisalign can limit damage to you teeth caused by irregular occlusion (the way that teeth come together when chewing and biting).
  • Straight and uniformly shaped teeth are easier to brush and care for.
  • Cosmetic dentistry in Scarborough can create your best smile yet, which often serves as an inspiration to take better care of your teeth with regular flossing, brushing, and checkups.
  • Some cosmetic procedures used to correct superficial blemishes can protect tooth enamel, helping to prevent damage or decay.

Cosmetic dentistry in Scarborough is focused on the esthetic of your smile but this doesn’t mean that it won’t benefit your health. A full, healthy, and beautiful smile is always the target when you choose Havenview Dental Centre for cosmetic dentistry in Scarborough.

It’s simple, our patients find Havenview Dental Centre to have one of the best cosmetic dentists in Scarborough. We provide comprehensive care with a high-level overview of both dental esthetics and functional dental health. We perform cosmetic dentistry in Scarborough with the aim of not only beautifying but also protecting the health and longevity of your smile.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Eng are highly experienced practitioners and both are often considered by their patients as the best cosmetic dentists in Scarborough. Our doctors each have more than 20 years of experience in areas including cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics, implant dentistry, and general dentistry. Our patient referrals continue to grow, based on the quality of care we provide.

When patients tell us that they regard us as the best cosmetic dentists in Scarborough, we are humbled. We utilize advanced technologies and techniques and our staff continually trains, upskills, and innovates to deliver optimum care to our patients.

Expert procedures with friendly and caring service are exactly what you get when you visit the our cosmetic dentists in Scarborough. Book your appointment and see why patients prefer Havenview Dental Centre.

Payment options are determined on a case-by-case basis. We will work to develop a payment plan that suits you. Some cosmetic procedures may be covered by your insurance provider. The best way to determine the cost of treatment and the payment plans available is to talk to us today.

When our patients search for a “cosmetic dentist near me” they want reliable services that are fairly priced and flexible, too. You’ll find all of this with Havenview Dental Centre.

We have had many patients ask if a cosmetic dentist near me can treat children? The answer is yes although the procedures can look a little different to those performed on adults, due to the need to nurture and protect developing teeth.

Children typically visit a cosmetic dentist in Scarborough for whitening, straightening, veneers, and enamel shaping.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Eng have plenty of experience performing functional and cosmetic dentistry in Scarborough and our entire staff is trained to provide a comfortable and welcoming experience to children who often feel a little anxious when visiting a clinic.

You can schedule an appointment for your child or adolescent at Havenview Dental Centre in  Scarborough.


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