White Fillings in Scarborough

The days are gone when having a filling meant you had to have unsightly metal lumps in your teeth that were visible whenever you opened your mouth. Traditional fillings were made from amalgam, and carried a high risk of triggering allergic reactions or sensitivity to the metal. Thanks to the invention of white fillings, cosmetic dentistry in Scarborough now offers patients the chance to have teeth filled invisibly.

Getting White Fillings in Your Teeth

White fillings are made from a composite tooth-coloured resin and glass material that is bonded directly to your tooth enamel. It’s strong and resistant to wear, and can last for longer than 5 years. The fillings take a bit longer to fit than metal or amalgam fillings, because your tooth needs to be clean and dry to fit them.

The Fillings Procedure

Before filling your tooth as part of your cosmetic dentistry in Scarborough, the dentist will numb the area around the tooth, then clean and remove all decayed sections of the tooth. He or she will then etch the surface enamel and coat it with a gel and bonding solution. After that, the filling material is put into the right location and moulded to match the contours of the tooth. The dentist uses a curing light to harden the material, then trims and polishes it to look like part of the tooth.

Direct and Indirect White Fillings

These fillings are called direct or indirect fillings, depending on when they are light-cured during the process. Direct white fillings are hardened after shaping, which is the procedure used for hiding gaps between teeth, reshaping teeth and fillings. For larger tooth cavities, inlays, onlays and partial crowns, however, the material is first light-cured in a laboratory before being inserted in your mouth. These are called indirect white fillings, but are still part of the cosmetic dentistry Scarborough patients require.

Pros and Cons of White Fillings

White fillings have a number of benefits, which include being able to restore teeth that are decayed, chipped, broken or worn down. The material comes in a wide range of colours, so no matter what shade of white your natural teeth are, the dentist can match the fillings to them. This makes the fillings less noticeable to others when you smile or speak.

Preparing teeth for white fillings is quick and simple, and it can be done at the same time as other dental treatments like inlays, crowns or bridges. Some white fillings have been known to shrink in the past, but modern technology has created materials that are far stronger and less likely to do so.

Managing Your White Fillings

Managing your white fillings is easy and all you need to do is to brush and floss your teeth regularly to keep them in top condition. Remember to schedule regular dental exams and teeth cleanings to make sure your overall oral health is well maintained.

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